Evan Meagher

About this website

This website is a blog. I mostly write about systems, computer programming, energy technology and policy, and software engineering management.

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About me

  • 🇮🇪My inscrutably Irish last name is pronounced “mar”
  • 🌳I live in Oakland, California
  • 👫I'm married to a woman named Alexa and have a dog named Olive
  • 💻I lead software development and operations at Whisker Labs
  • 🏞I volunteer with the Citizens' Climate Lobby and the Oakland Park Patrol
  • From 2011 to 2015, I worked on infrastructure, RPC systems, and developer productivity at Twitter
  • 🎓I studied computer science at the University of Washington in Seattle
  • 🌧I grew up in Olympia, Washington

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